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Arnica Oil

Concentration, Diffusion, Process and Quality: The certified organic arnica oil used in Maple Organics Joint Therapy contains helenalin and dihydrohelenalin esters. These molecules provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic relief to joints when applied topically. However, to maximize the effectiveness of these molecules, it is important to extract the essential oil from the arnica flower petals [...]

Clean living.

Clean living – this term can mean different things for different people. But, in general, clean living refers to a life free of any toxicity; it is a life that strives to remove the negativity and to build something more beautiful instead. There are many ways to achieve a clean living, one way you could do [...]

The Maple Organics Community

There are many ways to join the Maple Organics community. You can become a Wellness Consultant, a Host, or join Maple Organics world by ordering products! Wellness Consultant As a Wellness Consultant you will conduct your work through Network Marketing! Essentially, you will be selling Maple Organic products directly to the consumer – so [...]

How to beat a summer cold naturally!

Summertime can be a joyous season, full of good weather and good memories. However, just like any other season, an unpredictable and unwelcomed bug may come your way. But this is no ordinary creepy crawler kind of bug, it is the kind of bug that gets you sneezing and sniffling!! It is the kind [...]

A life with balance. A life with choices.

Life can be a collection of wonderful moments, heartwarming surprises, blooming dreams, and much more. Yet, life can also be a juggling act. More so, at times, it can be hard to achieve just a little balance in your world, let alone find balance in all sectors of your life! Nevertheless, this conundrum is [...]

Maple Organics Bug Spray!

Whether you’re camping outdoors, chilling by a lake, or just wandering in your backyard, you may come across some unsuspecting little pests – mosquitos + other bugs. A good way to avoid any bites, skin irritations, and rashes is to use some sort of repellent. Fortunately, this summer Maple Organics has created a bug [...]


This citrus fruit is a great treat to enjoy in the summer! This fruit holds a very refreshing scent! The grapefruit also has many benefits for our body. Just consuming this fruit can help with your metabolism, make you feel more hydrated, and provides you with multiple nutrients + vitamins. As an Essential Oil, [...]


The eucalyptus essential oil is a beautiful liquid with many benefits. This exuberant oil is extracted from the eucalyptus leaves; this plant originates from Australia. Interestingly, this oil is colorless and the aroma can be fairly “woodsy” with a hint of honey. More importantly, not only with this oil leave you feeling radiant, it [...]


The smell of lavender may be a familiar smell for many. Just the smell alone can help bring a cozy vibe to your environment and to yourself; the sense of relaxation is easily correlated to the lavender scent. Yet, beyond its aroma, lavender oil has been used for years across the globe for its medicinal [...]


The smell and feel of peppermint can bring about a cooling sensation. Moreover, the minty quality of this oil almost brings out a certain quality of freshness to your body. Yet, what is even more astounding about this oil is the numerous benefits that it inhibits. In fact, peppermint has been used for its [...]

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