Monthly Archives: February 2020


Allergy Season

Soon we will get to trade in the dark, damp, cold weather for sunshine, warmth, buds on the trees and flowers! This is an exciting time of year for many but unfortunately this is also the beginning of itchy, watery eyes, stuffy noses and scratchy throats for so many allergy sufferers. My family is hit [...]

Cold & Flu Busters

It’s here. Cold and flu bugs are all around us in full force, and with the recent panic inducing news of new viruses everywhere we look, we thought it would be important to talk about some prevention and remedies. At Maple Organics, we believe in natural, plant based and non toxic remedies as well as [...]

Copaiba Oil

Let's talk about copaiba. I am a huge fan of the stuff, if I had to pick one oil to be stranded on a desert island with, copaiba would be my top pick. I once had facial dermatitis that I tried to get rid of for over a year, costing me hundreds of dollars in [...]