Hope you are all having a Boo-tastic time! This week we have been sharing a few Halloween inspired recipes everyday. Today we got three more for you guys to try out and enjoy !

Hot Dog Mummies 




Via Seakettle

Enjoy these cute little snacks for your next meal! These little creatures are easy to make and are fun to create! All you need for this dish is some hotdogs, pillsbury dough, and your tender love + care. Enjoy!

Frozen Boo-nana Pops



Via SkinnyTaste

Looking for something sweet, but don’t want to consume a whole bag of candies? Well these frozen treats are just for you! They taste absolutely delicious and look positively adorable.

Halloween Roasted Veggies



​Via Live Eat Learn

This dish is a perfect way to spread Halloween festivities during dinner time. This meal is super healthy and looks beautiful on the plate!