​During the winter, due to the drop in temperature, your body may go through some changes. When it starts to get cold your blood flow reduces, you may start to shiver, get Goosebumps, and you may feel a bit more lethargic.

You may also experience other things, such as dry skin. During the winter the air has less moisture and can dry out your skin. The best way to protect your skin from getting irritated and dry is by using Maple’s Skin Therapy Balm! This balm is the perfect way to preserve the moisture in your skin. Yet, if you would like to bring even more moisture to your skin, following the Three Step Process can benefit you tremendously. In the Three Step Process you begin by applying the Skin Therapy Balm, massaging it in to your skin and letting it soak for at least 15-20 minutes; to get even better results, leave the balm overnight! For the second step you can draw a bath and cleanse off the extra balm with our body washes. The washes contain unique maple extract and kokum butter for extra nourishment. For the last step, you can moisturize your skin with Maple Organics Hydrate lotion!

You may also experience an increase in pain in your body, such as joint + muscle aches, and headaches/migraines. The cold weather and the reduction of blood flow can cause such aches and pains. A great way to prevent or heal these aches + pains is by using our Joint Therapy Balm and our Muscle Therapy Balm. The Joint Therapy Balm can alleviate symptoms related to stiff joints, inflammation, and soreness, while the Muscle Therapy Balm can ease muscle soreness, tightness, and stiffness with a warming sensation. Apply these balms to the areas that need treatment and you will slowly feel more at ease.

Last but not least, in the winter time, your body is more susceptible to viruses. Keeping warm, healthy, and hydrated can help prevent colds. Make sure you are bundled up wherever you go and to keep your hands clean! Do not forget to sanitize your hands after being out in the public! However, if you do catch a cold, there is no need to worry. Make sure to stay in a warm environment, rest up, consume warm food such as soup, and to nourish yourself accordingly. Maple’s Essential Oils kit and Maple’s Cold & Flu Therapy Balm can be good ways to simmer down some symptoms and to make you feel a bit better. Also, make sure to take the appropriate amount of medication and to go to the doctor as needed.