For the first day of our 10-minute self care challenge we encourage you to try out dry brushing! All you need for this method is a natural bristle brush, preferably with a long handle. Having a brush with a long handle will make it easier for you to use on your whole body. You may use a softer bristle brush initially and you can move your way up to a firmer brush over time.

For those of you who are wondering what the benefits are, well you may be glad to hear that there many! For one, dry brushing can help with exfoliation and cleaning your pores. Essentially, dry brushing can help remove dead skin and can help you achieve softer skin with each session. Some people have even noted that this method helps with reduction of cellulite. All in all, this method can greatly enhance the appearance of your largest organ on your body – it’ll leave you glowing. Another great benefit of dry brushing is the positive impact it makes on your lymphatic system. Dry brushing can stimulate this system, allow it to flow, and helps to detoxify. It can also act like a massage and can help with trouble areas. Lastly, it is suggested that this treatment can also help with your energy levels. For many, dry brushing can help increase your energy and wake you up for the day.

The best time to do dry brushing is before a bath. You can start brushing with some sort of oil, or therapy balm, or you may even to choose to use nothing at all. Once you are in the washroom you may start at any point on your body (ideally start at your hands or feet) and move in small brush strokes. You can choose to either move straight motion or circular motion. But, make sure that the movements are moving towards your center of your body. Also, make sure you are gentle with your movements and to never push to hard. Be delicate! Especially if you have sensitive skin prior to this treatment. If you do start to feel some sort of pain, try brushing more softly.

We hope this treatment leaves you feeling amazing! 🙂